"cocks and robbers" with 22-year-old cam

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Uploaded: 4 Feb 2017
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Title: "cocks and robbers" with 22-year-old cam

Producer: Like Em Straight

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Cam & Brendon at Like Em Straight

Oh, they do grow up! And we're glad they do. When we first met Cam he was a callow 22-year old in our 'Cocks and Robbers' series. Check that scene out when you have a minute, but look how he's grown. Now a handsome 25 year old, Cam comes back with half the innocence and twice the experience. It's sort of like re-connecting with a teacher at the class reunion. Cam has definitely learned that his ass is a wonderland. As soon as he's naked, his legs go up and he wants some ass play. Brendon obliges, licking that sweet, dark spot. But Cam has some surprises in store. It might be Hard To Swallow, but it goes down easy...

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