airport security guard force feeds guy his dick

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Uploaded: 14 Jan 2017
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Title: airport security guard force feeds guy his dick

Actors: petr zuska, peter lipnik

Producer: Str8Hell

Category: Gay Bareback Sex, Sleaze

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petr zuska and peter lipnik at str8 hell

Petr Zuska is in charge of Airport Security when Peter Lipnik is sent in for checking. Petr is rather confused, or at least, professes to be, about an electronic cigarette. With all the time taken to discuss it he says it is too late for Peter to travel and he will have to spend the night in the airport. But first Petr has to check him out. He tells Peter to remove his tee shirt and then examines his chest and arms. Then Petr tells him to remove his pants, which Peter does, standing in just his underwear. Petr makes a pretence at checking out the legs at Peter protests. Then there is a discussion about removing underwear. Peter eventually does so, hoping that he can soon be released. He cups his cock and balls but has to release them as Petr check his body. Then he grabs Peter's dick and checks that before bending him over to examine his ass. He pulls the cheeks apart and spanks the ass. Peter moans, but not as loudly as he does when a finger is shoved into his tight ass. Petr probes the ass, checking it out for contraband. That puts ideas into his head and he pushes Peter to his knees, telling him to suck his cock. Petr pulls his big hard cock out and pulls Peter's head onto it. He fucks the hot mouth that encloses his dick and slaps at Peter's chest as well. Then Petr pulls out and swings his hips making his hard cock slap Peter's face before shoving the dick back into his mouth. Wanting even more Petr bends his prisoner over and gets fully naked. Then he shoves his throbbing cock deep into the waiting ass hole. Peter moans as his tight hole is invaded by the big dick. Petr fucks that tight ass, going in nice and deep. Then he moves Peter onto the floor and gets between his legs to fuck him some more. Peter wanks his own cock as his tight hole is fucked deep. Peter's cock is rock hard as he wanks and then shoots his big hot creamy load all over his sexy body. That quickly send Petr over the top too and he pulls out of the tight ass and dumps his creamy cum all over Peter's balls. Petr's appetite sated he tells Peter that he can leave.

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