ball boy gets his hungry mouth filled by two guys

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Uploaded: 15 Apr 2017
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Title: ball boy gets his hungry mouth filled by two guys

Actors: Scott De Marco, Joey D, drew hill

Producer: Colbys Crew

Category: Gay Group Sex, Threeways

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The Ball Boy with Joey D and Scott De Marco at Colby's Crew

Studly Joey D and handsome Scott De Marco are facing off on the tennis court as young Drew Hill chases the balls back and forth on the hard surface. As the guys wrap up the game and congratulate each other, Drew announces that hes heading to the showers and parts company with the two jocks. Joey and Scott both longingly watch the kid leave the court and admit to finding him to their liking. Scott takes up Joey on his suggestion of following the red-haired kid into the locker room.

As he gets undress, Drew is surprised to notice the two studs eyeballing him from beyond the sliding glass patio door as they grope their hardening crotches. Standing naked and all smiles, Drew is quickly surrounded by the much more imposing tennis players. Joey pulls his massive cock out of his shorts and pushes the bare ass boy onto the bed face down. The two jocks strip and Joey is first to shove his hard tool into Drews cock-hungry mouth. Scott moves in from behind and tongues and slaps their preys wiggling ass. Joey is enjoying the attention his cock is getting, as he shoves his cock into the redheads mouth. He then commands suck our dicks? as he and Scott stand on the bed in an overbearing stance each to one side of the subservient boy toy. Kneeling between two bone-hard cocks, Drew moans his way back and forth. He cant get enough of this two-pronged assault. Joey again takes the lead and motions their bottom boy into a doggy-style position so he can shove his stiff prick deep inside the groaning kids cute butt. Drews mouth is all over Scotts raging hard on while hes being pounded in the ass. The two muscled tennis players are getting what they wanted. As they switch positions, Joey lies down on the bed and the little redhead moves into position to ride his task masters thick meat. While Joeys deep inside his kids hole, Scott starts to finger the hungry boys hole, spreading it open wider. Joey then moves the kid onto his back and returns to fucking him. While Drew is jacking his cock into a frenzied explosion of jizz, Scott prods him on from above his face, blurting words of encouragement and spreading his hands up and down the boys smooth upper body.

All three then move off the bed and the Alpha Male Joey gets both Scott and the kid onto their knees readying them to receive his juicy load. Once hes shot, the two guys lap up his still stiff and dripping cock. Keeping up his bossy demeanor, he then commands one and all to the showers.

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