basketball player millionaire fucks his pool boy

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Uploaded: 25 Jan 2017
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Title: basketball player millionaire fucks his pool boy

Producer: Colbys Crew

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The Pool Boy at Colby's Crew

Nubius Oden is a pro basketball player whose millions on the court have allowed him to experience the life of luxury. While hes lounging around his luxurious pool taking in the rays, pool boy Drew Hill is busy attending to his chores. Out of the corner of his eye, Hills also ogling at his bosses? massive ebony stature lying on the deck chair. As a bonus, O?Deam teasingly grabs his own crotch, knowing that hes giving a show. Drew cant hold back and tells O?Deam how much of a fan he his. As he watches his ginger hair-colored handyman at work, O?Deam thanks him for making it in today to keep the pool in mint condition. O?Deam definitely has the pool boy within his sites. Concerned that the little red head will burn to a crisp in the intense summer sun, he offers to lotion him up. All fired up, a bashful yet motivated Drew accepts the offer. With his massive hands, O?Deam spreads the creamy lotion all over the red-bearded young mans back, shoulders and neck. His hands start wandering and make their way to the front of young Drews trunks, noticing a slight tenting in the process. Slowly O?Deam starts kissing Drews back. And, as the pool boy turns around, the two lock lips. Soon, Drew kneels in front of this massive man and fills him mouth with the sportsmans gargantuan and growing cock. As O?Deams knob continues to grow in his mouth, Drew struggles to take it all in. Hes showing definite determination, keeping his boss pretty happy as he moans contently. As they are both seated in the poolside Jacuzzi, our statuesque black jock crouches to swallow the young red heads agitated cock. Braking for a moment, he heads up to kiss Drew passionately. His pool boy breaks the lip lock and kneels down in a forward direction, offering up his pearly white ass. O?Deam rims him, feasting on his pink butt hole and white cheeks. Young Drew then stands and offers up his ass again, this time for a good fucking. Within seconds, O?Deam swiftly plows into his boy toys ass, giving it all hes got. Drews in pool boy heaven and wants more. So O?Deam lays back on the deck and Drew sits down swallowing up his bosses dick with his ass in one quick plunge. Our sportsman laments that he hasnt had it this good in a while. So, he then fucks pretty boy in a preacher-style position that takes Drew over the edge. As he squeals he going to shoot, his cock unloads his spunk, reaching as far as his mouth. O?Deam then decides to add his load to the mix, pulling out of Drew's ass and dropping his load on the kids cock and balls. Nothing like a leisurely fuck on a hot summers day!

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