bearded straight guy nikol monak takes his first dick

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Uploaded: 22 Jan 2017
Run Time: 00:00:38
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Title: bearded straight guy nikol monak takes his first dick

Actors: Tomas Fuk, Nikol Monak

Producer: Str8Hell

Category: Gay Bondage, CBT, SM

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Movie Description:

Tomas Fuk and Nikol Monak at Str8 Hell

Tomas Fuk has the newly cherry-busted Nikol Monak gagged and tied, with his ass bared in a jock strap. Tomas spanks at the sexy ass as Nikol moans loudly. He leans over and kisses Nikol's back and nibbles as his ass. He kisses Nikol's face too and continues the occasional slap on the sexy ass. Tomas' underwear is tenting too as he takes his whip and uses in on Nikol's back. Nikol writhes as the whip lands. Tomas tells him how much enjoys what is happening. He turns Nikol over, onto his back and sucks on the nipples. Nikol's underwear is bulging too and Tomas pulls it down revealing the swelling cock. He takes hold of the cock and wanks. Then he starts to suck the big cock as it gets hard. His mouth works on the fat cock as Nikol continues moaning. Nikol's throbbing cock reveals how much he likes what is happening. Tomas' head bobs on the fat cock. Then he moves Nikol onto his knees, bending over the sofa. He slides his big cock deep into Nikol's tight ass, spanking it too. Nikol moans as the dick pounds his sexy ass deep and hard. Handrprint appear on his ass as the spanking continues too. Tomas' cock really pounds the hot ass, opening it up real good. Nikol is moved onto his back again, legs up, so that Tomas can fuck him some more. The rigid dick works Nikol's tight hole, slamming in and out as hard as it can. Nikol's wrists are released so that he can take hold of his big cock and wank it as he gets fucked. He wanks himself so hard as Tomas works his hot hole. With the dick deep in his ass Nikol's cock explodes with creamy cum, shooting all over his sexy body. Tomas moves him onto his knees again and pounds the ass even harder, until he is ready to cum too. Then he pulls out and shoots his hot cum all over Nikol's ass.

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