I Must Work Now with Dimitri Swaroski & Titouan

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Uploaded: 16 May 2017
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Title: I Must Work Now with Dimitri Swaroski & Titouan

Producer: French Dudes

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I Must Work Now with Dimitri Swaroski & Titouan at French Dudes

April 27, 2017 - Dimitri Swaroski, Titouan

Dimitri Swarsoki is busy cleaning up after closing. Titouan joins him and looks like the action hasn't stopped for the night as these two strip down. Titouan is a true ass lover and buries his face in Dimitri's ass taking in the full flavor of this sexy bearded guy; even the sneakers get in on the action.

Gloving up, Titouan starts pumping Dimitri's ass. They swap positions as they go at it. Titouan stands over Dimitri's face and showers his torso with a huge hot load. Then Dimitri follows adding his own huge load. The cum shots were so good, we included a slow-mo for all of us to enjoy.

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