Late Night with Colby Jansen & Scott DeMarco

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Uploaded: 12 May 2017
Run Time: 00:01:12
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Title: Late Night with Colby Jansen & Scott DeMarco

Actors: Colby Jansen, Scott DeMarco

Producer: Colbys Crew

Category: Gay Fucking, Gay Sex

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Late Night with Colby Jansen & Scott DeMarco at Colby's Crew

Release Date: 3 Mayl 2017

Colby Jansen is hanging out with a few of his buddies playing some pool and tanking back a few tequila shots. As a couple of the guys call it a night, Colby insists on playing out the best of seven with handsome Scott De Marco. With only Colby and Scott left, hormones take over, leaving the outcome of the game in little doubt? Colby drops his cue on the table and moves to the other side of the table, expressing little interest in finishing the game. As he approaches his buddy, hes definitely got other games on his mind. He takes Scotts pool cue, places it on the table and makes his move on his young prey.

They start kissing, brushing their hairy faces against each other. Scott kisses his way down to Colbys belt buckle, unzips his burly friend's pants and smothers his face against the mans hard boxer covered cock. He then pulls Colbys underwear down and swallows the waiting piece of meat. As Colby leans back against the pool table, Scott goes to work. His sucking action leaves Colby moaning and begging for more. Scott does a mean job of keeping Colbys bone-hard dick in his mouth, sucking, stroking and gagging nonstop. Colby then turns on a dime, raises his left leg onto the tables ledge, while his cock-loving partner smothers the hairy ass with his wet mouth and tongue. Spanking Colbys glorious bubble butt, Scott then reaches between Colbys legs and stokes the tattooed hunks rigid cock.

Colby then turns, kneels and turns the tables. He swallows Scotts fat cut prick. His buddys ripped abs are on full display as hes now leaning back against the pool table. Scott then turns and leans forward onto the pool table, exposing his hungry ass for Colbys pleasure. The husky top then thrust his throbbing dick into the kids waiting hole. After a good pounding, the guys move to the couch, giving Colby easier access as Scott gets on his hands and knees like a bitch in heat. Colby slaps his buddys ass and keep pounding until the kid lies on his back, lifts his legs and offers his gaping hole for more punishment. Our husky top cant hold it in anymore. He pulls out and jacks his cock off until he spews a load on the lying lad below. Spent, the guys stand and kiss. Then Colby orders his buddy to leave?

Another trophy boy for Colby!

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