muscle hunk jeremy spreadums throat fucks cocksucker

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Uploaded: 5 Mar 2017
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Title: muscle hunk jeremy spreadums throat fucks cocksucker

Producer: Jake Cruise

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Jeremy Spreadums is a blast. He has a stunning body and a very handsome face. Every time he smiles it lights up the room. Best of all, he has a great personality. Jeremy is someone I would like to hang out with. But first I worship every inch of his incredible body. I know it's a clich? to say that someone has a body like a Roman or Greek statue. But look at him! He is perfection. I play a lot with Jeremy, making him laugh and finding his one tickle spot. I learn he loves nipple play and I oblige. I deep throat his uncut dick and rim his ass, more than once. I look up while he plows my mouth with his cock and I can't believe how gorgeous he is. I lay down next to Jeremy and stroke his prick just as he likes it (I ask) and he shoots a massive load straight up his torso, between his abs and pecs, and onto his neck. A line of cum glistened from crotch to neck while I suck his dick clean, then lick every bit of his juice off his chiseled body. It's days like today where I really do love my job.

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