Romi Zuska has Adam Rezal gagged and shackled to a chair

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Uploaded: 1 Jan 2017
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Title: Romi Zuska has Adam Rezal gagged and shackled to a chair

Actors: romi zuska, adam rezal

Studio: Str8Hell

Category: Gay Fetish, Spanking, Piss

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Movie Description:

romi zuska has adam rezal at str8 hell

romi zuska has adam rezal gagged and shackled to a chair wearing a jockstrap so that his sexy ass is exposed. romi starts rubbing adam's back, giving his ass a spank too. adam's big cock is rock hard and pushed down, trapped by the edge of the seat. romi gives him a few swings of the whip as he kisses the ass and back. going down on his knees romi gets under the seat and sucks on adam's big cock, spanking his ass as he sucks. adam's hot hole is fully exposed as romi sucks the cock. then he moves up to the ass and starts to lap at the hole. adam moans as he feels the tongue on his hole and the hand spanking his ass. romi sucks and wanks the cock some more in between rimming the tight hole. then he slips a finger into adam's hole and starts fucking it as he wanks on the cock. the hole takes the finger real well and soon romi's throbbing cock is pressing against it. it slides deep into adam's hole and starts fucking him deep. adam moans loudly as his ass feels the cock slamming his hole. romi really pounds that ass and turns adam over, legs up, and shoves his dick back into the ass. he fucks it hard and fast with adam moaning all the while. they then lay on the floor, spooning as romi's dick stretches adam's ass wide. adam wanks himself as romi keeps up his fucking. as he wanks adam's dick throbs in his hand and erupts with a big cumshot. romi keeps fucking that ass until he is ready too and pulls out to shoot his hot cum as well.

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