straight jock gets tied up and trained

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Uploaded: 4 Apr 2017
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Title: straight jock gets tied up and trained

Producer: Dream Boy Bondage

Category: Gay Bondage, CBT, SM

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Neill - Dumb Jock - Part 2 at Dreamboy Bondage

There is something about a straight jock that brings out the sadist in us. Its not so much that Neill is cocky or arrogant. Its not just that he has a rocking body. Its his pure maleness, his bulging muscles and lack of brainpower, like hes nothing but a primitive sex machine. We have to hurt him, treat him like a side of beef. Jared delights not only in turning up the voltage flowing into Neills pecs, but also savors announcing it in advance. The look of fear on that dumb but gorgeous face is priceless. Neill takes the abuse, like a kicked dog, and then takes some more. Jared plays with the studs cock and strokes his body like he owns it. Then, when he gets bored shocking the stud, Jared bolts him into a steel ankle and wrist bar, his naked ass up in the air just begging to be fucked. So he fucks it.

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