The Internship with Brett Everett and Colby Jansen

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Uploaded: 18 Jan 2017
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Title: The Internship with Brett Everett and Colby Jansen

Actors: Brett Everett, Colby Jansen

Producer: Colbys Crew

Category: Gay Fucking, Gay Sex

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Brett Everett and Colby Jansen at Colbys Crew

Colby is at it again. Another day, another intern hiring. One only knows what happened to the last one. Maybe he just didnt have the stamina to keep up with Colby? Brett is new kid being grilled by Colby. Hes a former talent scout for a porn company, hanging out at clubs and prospecting go-go dancers. He himself is an ex go-go dancer, and when Colby asks him what animal he would be, he refers to the Cheetah ? fast, efficient and it gets the job done. Regardless of his boy next door demeanor, or maybe because of it, he obviously piqued Colbys curiosity. Emphasizing the fact that he always had a few tricks up his sleeve to get out of a bind and get the job done, the kid was drawing Colby in even more, revealing his growing interest by the second. But Colbys interest was not the only thing growing. As, he asked Brett to show him some of his innate talent, Brett rose from his chair, climbed onto the majestic board room table and crawled forward like a Cheetah, making his way alluringly towards the hunky boss and slowly removing his tie and shirt. Colby now had a full view of the boys lithe muscled chest. As he reached forward, the two started to kiss. Colby, in turn, started to undress, opened his pants and lets his rock-hard cock bust out of its cage. Brett, stretched out on his stomach on the table reached out with his mouth and started to suck on his potential boss? hungry dick. Brett masters the art of cock sucking to a T. And Colby was obviously impressed with his recruit. When Brett paused, and reached up for some air and a kiss, Colby used the opportunity to strip his boy of his clothes and swallows the young lads stiff boner. Brett squirmed under the skillful blow job he was getting. While our burly jock sucked him on, Colby shoved a few fingers in his all-American boy-toy's mouth. Brett sucked lasciviously. After kissing his new boy further, Colby pulled the kid in closer, onto the edge of the conference table and started to give his prospective apprentices butt hole a serious tongue lashing and finger fuck. With only his tie hanging from his neck, young Brett quivered under the talented rim job he was getting. Now that his ass had been prepped, Colby got up and steered his bone hard missile into the hungry bottom boys hole. The boy moaned and squirmed with every thrust Colby was taking. Using the kids tie like a horses rein, Colby pounded his begging bottoms hungry ass, taking him from behind. Thumping the kids head down of the table, Colby tells him to stay in this subservient position. Taking a breather, he instructs his intern candidate to lie on his back. He gets back to fucking the kid good, while the boy is feeling more and more that his talent will get him in the door. Brett feverishly jacks his tool off, shooting his load, spewing it all over his thigh. Colby pulls out and pumps out a load, adding to the boys sperm-covered leg. By his own admission, Colby tells the kid that hes over-delivered. We?ll see where this goes next?

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