Colby Jansen fucks Jonah Fontana

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Uploaded: 18 Apr 2017
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Title: Colby Jansen fucks Jonah Fontana

Actors: Colby Jansen, Jonah Fontana

Producer: Colbys Crew

Category: Gay Fucking, Gay Sex

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Taking Care of my Buddy with Colby Jansen and Jonah Fontana at Colby's Crew

Running buddies Colby Jansen and Jonah Fontana were out jogging when Jonah injured his knee. Arriving back at the house limping and holding on to his friends shoulder, Colby helps his best bud by pulling out an ice pack and placing it on Jonahs injured knee, numbing the swollen knee cap. Working out some more is no longer an option and Colbys attention turns to Jonah other rising problem, his cock.

The hairy dudes kiss and Colby, like the true friend that he is, pulls his friends now stiff cock out of the restrictive shorts and wraps it between his lips. Jonahs pain is oddly subsiding? He offers to return the favor, stands and kisses his buddy, before kneeling and sucking his husky buddy. Jonahs cock-sucking talents are more than adequate. Colby moans as his bone-hard dick disappears in and out of his partners mouth. Jogging must get the hormones rushing as these two jocks are now in heat. Colby leads his buddy onto the kitchen table, where Jonah lays his ass wide open for a good tongue lashing. He plays with his cock while Colby gobbles his balls and rims his ass. Next comes Colbys cock as his hairy buddy quivers for more. He shoves his cock into a begging Jonahs butthole. These hairy dudes are going all out. Jonah then flips over onto his hands and knees. His aggressive buddy plunges back in the famished hole. Jonah stands and raises his left leg. Colby goes back in, now thrusting deeper.

Jonahs stiff cock swings up and down as he craves for more. Begging for a hard fuck, this dude is no pussy bottom. Hes aggressive about what he wants. He turns around, lies down on the table once again, letting his husky buddy pound him relentlessly. Jerking his cock, Jonah soon blows his mind and his load onto his hairy stomach. Colby cant hold back either. He pulls out and piles on a second layer of love juice onto Jonahs stomach. That injured knee cap is now but a distant memory?

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